Question: What Cannot Give Delight To The School Boy?

Why can’t the schoolboy take delight in his books?

It considers how going to school on a summer day “drives all joy away”.

[3] The boy in this poem is more interested in escaping his classroom than he is with anything his teacher is trying to teach..

What drives the joy away from the boy?

Answer. Explanation: the boy longs to play in nature but going to school drives his Joy away …

How does the school boy feel in the school?

Answer : In the poem ‘The School Boy’ by William Blake, the school boy does not like going to school. He is tired, bored, annoyed and tensed when he is trapped in the classroom by his supervising teacher. He wants to play outside in the pleasant summer weather but is confined to the walls of the classroom.

Who sings with the child in the school boy?

Which bird sings with the schoolboy, according to the speaker of ‘The School Boy’? Answer: The skylark. Question 11.

What is the bird born for?

“How can the bird that is born for joy/Sit in a cage and sing?” These words from William Blake’s poem The Schoolboy were spoken by today’s guest on Desert Island Discs, David Almond.

How does the boy spend his day at school?

In this poem the school boy he spends his day in school in boredom. The speaker of this poem is a very young boy who is very disappointed to attend the school in summer. He was feeling like that he is in a cage. He was tired by the strict rule of teachers.

What can make the boy forget his youthful spring?

Answer: Joy is the answer.

What makes the school boy unhappy?

What makes the school boy unhappy? Answer: He has to go to school even in a summer morning when there is so much to enjoy in open fields and forests. Secondly, his teacher is cruel and the lessons are uninteresting.

Who is being compared to a caged bird?

Answer: The poet Maya Angelou is comparing racism faced by Afro Americans in early 1960 by contrasting caged bird as Afro Americans and free birds as White Americans .

What happens to drive all joy away?

The second stanza presents the exact opposite— things that “drive all joy away!” When he is forced to rise on a “summer morn” and go to school, unable to stay in his peaceful environment, he is unhappiest. He bemoans him, and his classmate’s, fate; that they are stuck inside, “In sighing and dismay.”

What does the cage stand for in the school boy?

Answer: The cage stands for school in the poem ” The School Boy ” as the boy don’t like to go to school , so he feels the school as a cage. Muxakara and 14 more users found this answer helpful.

Who is Mr Nobody 2?

Answer. Mr. Nobody is a small little man who is a mischief-maker in every house.

Why is the speaker of the poem unhappy?

Why is the speaker of the poem unhappy? The speaker of the poem, a little boy, is unhappy because he doesn’t like going to the school.

What is the school boy compared to?

The boy in this poem is more interested in escaping his classroom than he is with anything his teacher is trying to teach. In lines 16–20, a child in school is compared to a bird in a cage. Meaning something that was born to be free and in nature, is instead trapped inside and made to be obedient.

Why is the little boy interested to go to school?

Answer. Answer: The boy is not interested in going to school because his books hardly delights him. He feels all joy is driven away if one has to go to school in a summer morning and sit under the constant gaze of teacher.

What is the summary of the school boy?

“The School Boy” is a poem included in William Blake’s collection Songs of Innocence. It is told from the perspective of a young boy going to school on a summer day. The boy loves summer mornings, but to have to go to school when the weather is so nice is a misery to him.

What message does the school boy convey to his parents?

Answer: Explanation: He appeals to his parents, saying that if his youth is shortened by such experiences, then he will never be able to enjoy the remainder of his life either. If he is prevented from fully experiencing the joy of childhood, then how sad it will be when he ages and can no longer hope to do so.

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